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​​Summer Outdoor Savings (S.O.S.) 2013
Residential Cleaning Service​s
Two Services Gets 10% Off Total Bill
Three Or More Services Gets 20% Off​​ Total Bill

​The Spring Cleaning Event has turned into the Summer Outdoor Savings (S.O.S.) House and driveway? Driveway and sidewalks? House and garage? House, Garage and Driveway? Mix and match services to save 10 - 20% off your total bill for pressure washing services this summer.

Photos  (Please Note: All photos and videos are taken and used with authorization given in writing and kept on file for verification purposes.)
     Before                                  After
These are pictures of a metal garage roof that was covered in tree sap and pollution. We were able to pressure wash the roof and make it look like brand new.
This is a side by side picture of a newer looking driveway that did not even appear to need cleaning. Look at the amazing difference a good pressure washing made. The best part is ...this was before we even used any soap. Yep that difference was made with just high pressure water...
           Before                                After    
Before                                   After
Here's another side by side picture of cement that was pressure washed by us. WOW what a difference right?
   Before                                                                   After   
Ever get those terrible stains on your cement from fertilizer, cars of anything else. Try getting that off with just about anything and it proves useless. Here are before and after pictures of the driveway of a satisfied customer with exactly that situation.